Members of the Anglican Church in North America are in the mainstream, both globally and historically, of Christianity – the biblically-faithful way of following Jesus and being part of the “One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.” As Anglicans, this orthodoxy is defined by and centered on our church’s classic formularies – the Book of Common Prayer, including the Ordinal, and the Thirty-nine Articles – which all point back to the authority of the Holy Bible and articulate foundational principles of the Anglican tradition throughout the world. More information about our Christian beliefs and practice can be found at the Anglican Church of North America’s website.


Churches for the Sake of Others (C4SO), a Diocese of the Anglican Church in North America, is a community of churches and leaders committed to nurturing existing congregations as well as planting new churches. Under the leadership of Diocesan Bishop Todd Hunter, C4SO seeks to announce, embody and demonstrate the Kingdom of God. The Diocese unites a community of churches and leaders located primarily in California, Kansas, Texas, and the Southeast, organized by regional deaneries. C4SO will also be involved in planting churches in collaboration with other bishops throughout the United States. Begun as a church planting movement in 2009, the Anglican Church in North America’s Provincial Council approved formation of the Diocese in June 2013.

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